Singing Live

The Performing Skills Guidebook for Contemporary Singers

Learn how to move on stage, how to do great auditions, how to talk to an audience, how to conquer stage fright, how to work with a mic, and much more.

"I've always been a big fan of Susan Anders' books, but this time she tops herself. Clear, helpful and inspiring. This is a must for my clients who want to sing for Disney."
Chambers Stevens, Acting Coach, Hollywood, CA

"This is an excellent companion to the aspiring and professional performer alike. The information and suggestions Anders shares in this book are truly remarkable. She leads you from evaluating your initial mental attitude towards your craft, your audience and your performance goals, right through to preparing and fine-tuning your repertoire."
Albert Williams, Diablotin Music, UK
Singing Live is filled with information, singing tips and exercises to help you discover your individual performing style and polish your performing skills. If you are a beginning performer, this book will show you how to build your performance abilities and confidence before you face a real audience. If you are a more experienced performer, you'll find out how to make your performances not just good, but truly great.

Singing Live also covers everything you need to know about giving a great performance besides simply rehearsing your song. This includes how build a powerful repertoire, how to deal with stage fright, what to wear, pacing a set, sound-check and mic technique know-how, developing great stage patter, and more.

Singing Live will show you how to:
  • Develop expressive, natural gestures and stage moves that are right for your musical style.
  • Do well at singing auditions.
  • Have great mic technique.
  • Prepare for a performance vocally, physically & mentally.
  • Build a repertoire & pace a set.
  • Get what you want at a sound check.
...and much more.

The Singing Live method will work for you whether you sing pop, R&B, country, folk, rock, jazz or any other contemporary style. Most importantly, Singing Live will help you develop a performance style that is both polished and authentic for you.

The Singing Live method is effective for:
  • Singers who are searching for their own performing style.
  • Singers who need to develop their stagecraft.
  • Singers preparing for auditions, whether local or national.
  • Singers who find the idea of performing to be just plain terrifying.
  • Experienced performers who know that they can do a lot better.
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Tools You'll Need for Singing Live

  • A large mirror, preferably full-length, in your bedroom or rehearsal space.
  • A camcorder, DVD camera, smart phone, or other way to film yourself. Though not absolutely essential, this is an invaluable tool.
  • Backing tracks, if you don't play an instrument. These can be karaoke tracks (iTunes and Youtube have loads of them), piano or guitar tracks.
  • Some way to record yourself and your backing tracks as you prepare your song for the performance exercises. This doesn't have to be high-quality, an expensive recorder or recording app will do.
  • [Optional] Something for note-taking: a notebook, phone, or laptop.

Susan Anders Says:

"I always ask my new students what they think they need to work on in their lessons, and almost all of them answer: "Performing skills!" Whether they are beginning or very advanced, most singers feel that they have work to do when it comes to delivering a fantastic live performance. With this book I offer a step-by-step process that singers can use at home to make their performances as powerful as possible.

One of the performing issues I wanted to address in this book is stage fright, because so many singers have told me it's a problem for them. Most of us have it and we think we're the only ones. There are so many things a singer can do to conquer their fears about performing, and the book includes lots of information on the subject.

Another area that many singers want help with is how to do really well at singing auditions, including national talent contests like American Idol. Because of this, I've included loads of tips and and exercises to help auditioning singers.

I work with a lot of artists sent to me by record labels and producers. These developing artists need to do everything possible to outshine all the other artists out there. Developing a really solid, really authentic performing style is essential for them. I'll teach you everything I teach them."

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