The Vocal Recovery Warmup

A gentle vocal warmup and strengthening method for singers with worn out, sick, dry, older or weak voices.

Female and male versions are available.

I have found Susan Ander’s Vocal Recovery Program to be beneficial in supporting my dry, raspy, middle-aged vocal chords. The exercises also help relax my throat and facial muscles—a nice bonus—and I am getting my range back!"           Eloise Hill

" I recently bought your vocal recovery download, and I already know it’s really going to help me a lot. It's a great value, too!" Debbie W.

A vocal warm up for singers who need an easy, gentle method. Most singing methods are designed with healthy singers in mind. The Vocal Recovery Warmup is for singers with “challenged” voices, singers for whom a slower, gentler approach is recommended. These singers include:

• Singers with colds or allergies
• Singers with vocal fatigue from too much singing, improper singing, or singing while sick
• Beginning singers
• Older singers with dry, crackly, or wobbly voices
• Singers recovering from an emotional or physical trauma
• Returning or rusty singers
• Singers taking meds that dry the vocal cords
• Singers coping with environmental factors like smoky bars or air conditioning
• Post-menopausal singers
• Singers on tour

...or anyone else who wants a slow, easy, safe vocal warmup method.

Beginning or returning singers can use the warmup to build vocal strength and learn singing technique. Experienced and trained singers can use it whenever they are challenged by colds, allergies or vocal fatigue.

The Vocal Recovery Warmup download includes:

Over 100 minutes of audio singing lessons and vocal exercises.
A 45 page ebook.

The audio files include step-by-step singing instruction and exercises, divided into five parts that gradually increase in difficulty. The ebook explains how to use the warmup successfully based on your particular vocal challenge, and dives deeper into vocal cord health and singing technique. It includes information for working with and healing fatigued, sick, dry, weak or older vocal cords.

Click here to see the ebook’s Table of Contents, and just below that the ebook chapter “How to Use the Warmup”— the latter includes an overview of the five different parts of the audio portion of the warmup.

Click here for frequently asked questions. Please read the first two questions if you have laryngitis, vocal nodules or polyps.

While using the warmup you’ll learn the best sounds to use for vocal recovery, strength and range building. You’ll learn which sounds and techniques get your voice going again when you’re dealing with colds or allergies. You’ll learn to recognize when you’re singing correctly and building strength, and when you’re tiring your voice. You’ll learn ways to troubleshoot any vocal problems that arise. The warmup builds strength and range, and helps you avoid vocal fatigue in the future.
The slower, gentler approach of the warmup is also ideal for beginning, returning, or older singers who want to learn vocal technique and build or rebuild vocal strength slowly and safely. The essentials of good singing technique are all covered: breathing, posture, facial resonance, tongue and mouth position, throat relaxation and more.

Purchase the Warmup or Listen to Samples

Click here to go to the Vocal Recovery Warmup download page: scroll down the page to see and sample all the audio file tracks, to read vocal range information, and to purchase the warmup for $14.77.

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